The Most Customizable Eyeglasses Ready for Any Scenario

Visual Assistant offers the most stylish, versatile and resilient pair of glasses that can be customized and transformed to fit any environment.


All-In-One Glasses

Visual Assistant glasses features the only 4-in-1 stylish frame that you will ever need.  Our variety of magnetic filters work together with your prescription lenses to ensure that.

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Polarized Sunglasses: Black Polarized Sunglasses: Silver Polarized Sunglasses: Blue Polarized Sunglasses: Red Polarized Sunglasses: Brown


Polarized Sunglasses

Provide your eyes with perfect eyesight while outdoors. Our polarized filters convert Visual Assistant into sunglasses that shields your eyes from harmful glare and UV-rays. Our polarized filters can always be combined with prescription lenses as well, ensuring no need to make any sacrifices in exchange for protection from light.

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Low-Light Glasses

Discover Low-Light Filter

One Pair of Glasses

for SUN, DUSK, RAIN, fog, bright & low-light conditions


Computer Glasses

Discover Blue Light Blocking Filter
Visual Assistant Eyeglass Frame Blue Light Blocking Glasses Polarized Sunglasses: Blue Low-Light Filter Clip-On Polarized Clip-On: Red

You Deserve

Freedom of Choice

Broke the frame? Lost or scratched your favorite filter? Want to try a new lens color? Unlike similar brands, Visual Assistant offers the option to purchase each clip-on filter and frame separately.

Individual Accessories

Eyeglasses That Transform


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They are super lightweight and the clip-on doesn’t add to the weight. I love how the clip-on is a snug and elegant fit. You can’t tell there’s a clip-on without inspecting it really closely!


These frames are light and slightly flexible and very comfortable. It's very easy to attach the clip-ons and they stay attached great with all activities I put them through. 


Now, I don't need to add transition to my prescription that really doesn't darken as much as I'd like. Depending on my mood, I just throw on a filter and enjoy the rest of my day.


These glasses are easily the best I've owned and I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years. They're so lite and comfortable. 


The glasses are really light weight and fit nicely on my (big) head. The clip-ons are light as well. I can't wait to order prescription lenses for them.


Main Features

Prescription-Ready Frame

Simply drop off the Visual Assistant frame at your eye doctor's office to have your prescription lenses installed. With the perfect combination of prescription lenses and interchangeable filters, you will always have the most perfect vision in any environment. 

Multifunctional Eyewear System

Each sun-filter blocks harmful UVA, UVB & UVC rays known to cause damage to the eyes and vision. Our blue light filter protects your eyes from the blue light emitted from digital screens, reducing eyestrain and the chance of a migraine. Our low-light filter enhances your vision in poor light environments and grants more safety overall.

Ultra Light and Eco-Friendly

Made from superior Ultem® material - a medical grade, high performing and eco-friendly plastic - the Visual Assistant frame is flexible, rigid and strong.  It's extremely light weight - only 18,5 grams with a clip-on filter attached.