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Visual Assistant allows you to wear regular prescription eyewear with polarized shades, low-light, or blue light filters.

Whether you're driving on sunny or cloudy days, wading through rain or fog, working indoors or with digital screens, these glasses do the job right in any environments.

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All-in-One Glasses

Ultralight, stylish and comfortable eyeglass frame ready for your prescription lenses, that can be reinforced with a variety of magnetic clip-on filters to improve & protect your eyesight in every occasion.

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Browse & select from our bundled collections or simply add the Visual Assistant eyeglass frame to your cart. All glasses are multifunctional and ready for your prescription lenses.

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Add on to your cart from our variety of premium clip-on filters that fit your specific needs to create the perfect bundle of multifunctional glasses. Any clip-on is available separately.

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Install Rx Lenses

Take an eye exam and install your prescription lenses into the Visual Assistant frame, wear them as your everyday eyewear or attach any clip-on filter & adjust your vision to fit your personal vision needs.

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Now enjoy perfect, clear vision in any environment with just one pair of glasses you will ever need



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What Kickstarter Backers Say About Visual Assistant Glasses


They are super lightweight and the clip-on doesn’t add to the weight. I love how the clip-on is a snug and elegant fit. You can’t tell there’s a clip-on without inspecting it really closely!


These glasses are easily the best I've owned and I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years. They're so lite and comfortable. I love the clip.


Now, I don't need to add transition to my prescription that really doesn't darken as much as I'd like. Depending on my mood, I just throw on a filter and enjoy the rest of my day.


These frames are light and slightly flexible and very comfortable. It's very easy to attach the clip-ons and they stay attached great with all activities I put them through. 


The glasses are really light weight and fit nicely on my big head. The clip-ons are light as well. I can't wait to order prescription lenses for them.


I've been wearing these glasses since getting a prescription in them. These frames are light, flexible and very comfortable. Everything the frame and clip-ons are great quality.

Michael C.

I really like these glasses. Very light frame and thin clip-on. I like that no one can see that I'm wearing glasses with clip-on. Furthermore, I like how easy it is to change clip-ons.


I got the sunglasses yesterday. And the glasses are awesome. Easy clip-on and ease of changing clip-on. Comfort is very good and fit good. This is by far one of my favorite on Kickstarter. really impressed :)

KB Doc

Mine arrived yesterday. I Love them. Quality seems great. I bought multiple lenses and like them all. Planning on getting another pair for the car.

Alan W.

Comfortable Everyday Eyewear

Simply drop off the Visual Assistant frame at your eye doctor's office to have your prescription lenses installed. Wear it without a clip-on filter as your regular comfortable eyewear.

Multifunctional Clip-on Glasses

With the perfect combination of your prescription lenses and our interchangeable filters, you will always have the most perfect vision in any environment. 

Ultralight, Flexible and Durable

Made from superior high performing and eco-friendly material, Visual Assistant Glasses are flexible, durable & light weight - only 18,5 grams with a clip-on.



Say Goodbye to Useless Pre-Made Bundles That Only Limit You!

Unlike our competition, we believe in leaving the choice of what to wear to you. Select clip-on filters that suit your current eyewear needs and build your own set of multifunctional glasses.


Freedom of Choice

Individual Accessories

Build Your Own Set of
Visual Assistant Glasses