Polarized Sunglasses: Silver

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2-in-1 Rx Glasses with Polarized Sunglasses

Experience better contrast and clear vision with our silver filter. This filter comes with double protection against glare and UV-rays. Polarization reduces the bright light glare and soothes your eyes by reducing eye strain. UV-400 coating on this filter protects you from the sun’s harmful UV-rays all day long. The flash mirror coating gives this filter a stylish and cool look. This filter is an all-weather wear ideal for outdoor and sports activities.

Color: Silver
Features: Polarized
Purchase Includes: 1 frame, 1 clip-on filter, 1 carrying case,1 clip-on travel case & a microfiber cloth 

Lens Width: 
53 mm 
Lens Height: 
37 mm
Nose Bridge: 
20 mm
Temple Length: 
138 mm
Frame Material:
Frame Color: 
Matte Black
Clip-on Weight: 
6.5 grams
Frame Weight:
12 grams (without Rx lens)
  • All-in-one multifunctional eyeglasses
  • Stylish & prescription-ready frame
  • Customizable with a variety of magnetic clip-on filters 
  • Made of high-quality eco-friendly materials
  • Ultralight, flexible and strong 
  • No additional hooks or useless bulky elements
  • Strong magnets for easy & reliable fastening
  • For different environments: sun, smog, snow, rain, low-light environments or digital screens
  • Perfect for driving, cycling, fishing, outdoor activities, work, travel & everyday life
  • Freedom of choice: each clip-on and a frame can be purchased separately

Upgrade These Glasses

With additional clip-on filters
Polarized Clip-on: Red
Polarized Clip-on: Blue
Polarized Clip-on: Brown
Polarized Clip-on: Black
Polarized Clip-on: Silver
Low Light Filter Clip-on
Blue Light Filter Clip-on

We're Not Like the Competition

Most brands that offer glasses with clip-on filters typically offer only bundled sets, stripping consumers of the freedom of choice.

Visual Assistant Glasses offer not only the ability to purchase frames and filters individually, but a much wider variety of clip-on filters as well.

Exclusive on the market!

Freedom of Choice

Whether you want to try a new filter or replace a broken one, all Visual Assistant clip-on filters & frames can be purchased separately at any time.


Multiple Functions in One Pair of Glasses

Get to benefit from multiple functions with just one set of glasses that become Polarized Sunnies, Low Light or Blue Light glasses paired with your prescription lenses under seconds.

Made from high performing material, the Visual Assistant Eyeglass Frame is flexible, durable and lightweight. It can be worn without a clip-on filter as your regular comfortable eyewear.

Say goodbye to useless pre-made bundles that only limit you! Select clip-on filters that suit your personal eyewear needs & build your own set of multifunctional glasses.