Low Light Filter Clip-on

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Our yellow (also called amber) filter is designed to improve your vision in low light environments. These lenses increase contrast, enhance depth perception and make the visuals to appear much brighter and clear, objects look sharper both indoors and outdoors.

Paired with your prescription lenses, our Low Light Clip-on filter provide perfect eyesight with greater clarity in hazy, foggy and other low light conditions.

Low Light glasses are highly useful for driving, cycling, or other outdoor activities in overcast, hazy and foggy conditions.

Benefits of yellow lenses:

  • enhance vision and depth perception in low light conditions
  • reduce glare and eye fatigue
  • help distinguish fine details on hazy days
  • block out most of the blue light that can cause haze or reduce sharpness
  • help to combat fear and depression
Lens Width: 
53 mm 
Lens Height: 
37 mm
Nose Bridge: 
20 mm
Temple Length: 
138 mm
Frame Material:
Frame Color: 
Matte Black
Clip-on Weight: 
6.5 grams
Frame Weight:
12 grams (without Rx lens)
  • All-in-one multifunctional eyeglasses
  • Stylish & prescription-ready frame
  • Customizable with a variety of magnetic clip-on filters 
  • Made of high-quality eco-friendly materials
  • Ultralight, flexible and strong 
  • No additional hooks or useless bulky elements
  • Strong magnets for easy & reliable fastening
  • For different environments: sun, smog, snow, rain, low-light environments or digital screens
  • Perfect for driving, cycling, fishing, outdoor activities, work, travel & everyday life
  • Freedom of choice: each clip-on and a frame can be purchased separately

Please note

All clip-on filters are compatible with Visual Assistant glasses only.

Don't have one? Just add our ultralight Essential Eyeglass Frame to your cart and customize it with additional filters.

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