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The vast majority of brands on the market that offer a similar product typically sell their frames and clip-ons as a bundle.  This forces those looking to replace a single filter or two into spending additional money on items that they may not need.

Visual Assistant is a prescription-ready frame that can be purchased individually or as a bundle set on our online store.  Each clip-on is available for individual purchase as well.  When you shop with Visual Assistant, you get exactly what you want – nothing more, nothing less.

You can install your prescription lenses into the VA frame in any optic store.  With your prescription lenses installed and a variety of unique filters, Visual Assistant is always able to grant you with perfect vision when you need it.

Polarized lenses are the most high-tech type of lens product that allow you to equip your eyes with maximum protection from excessive sunlight and reflected light.  Read more in depth about our filter’s polarization here.

Visual Assistant’s frame and filters are all made from ULTEM®, an extremely durable and lightweight material that offers exceptional thermal-resistance, stiffness and resistance to chemicals. 

Read more about ULTEM®. 

Yes! We ship our glasses and any of our clip-on filters separately all over the world. Please note that international packages may include additional customs cost charged by your local government.

Each order is individually assembled and packaged before being shipped from New York City, USA.

Customers in North America should receive their orders within 3-5 business days.

Customers located outside of North America should receive their order within 6-10 business days

Each order will include a tracking number.

*As of July 2020, USPS is still experiencing delays due to COVID-19 and the estimated shipping times listed above cannot be guaranteed. 

Every product sold on the Visual Assistant online store comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Read more about our return policy here

Each clip-on filter and a frame can be purchased separately, eliminating the need to spend additional money on a bundle to obtain the specific filter you need. Visual Assistant clip-on filters are related products to our system and compatible only with Visual Assistant Frame.

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