How Visual Assistant became reality

About Visual Assistant

Faced with typical driving challenges of diverse visibility the idea of Visual Assistant was conceived by a New York City professional driver. Initially, the project aimed at providing an affordable and amicable driving glasses solution to cater to extreme driving conditions.

Owing to the extensive research and development Visual Assistant has surpassed its original goal of developing a basic driving visual aid.

It has developed into a multi-functional eye-wear system, that can be put to test for enhanced visibility in diverse climatic conditions and even in adventure activities or working routine.


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Designed and Assembled

Every single Visual Assistant clip-on filter and a frame are designed and hand-packaged in New York, USA

We are using a direct business model and assemble each order individually. 

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Generally, for those who are looking for a particular clip-on filter, it is quite difficult to acquire a single piece as competing brands mostly offer pre-packaged bundles and customers have to buy the whole package. As a result, customers tend to waste money on unwanted products.

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