What Is ULTEM®?

Eco-friendly, Flexible & Ultralight

Material Loved by NASA

ULTEM® 1000, also known as Polyetherimide, is a high performance thermoplastic used to manufacture products designed to operate in extremely tough environments.  Whether that environment would consist of high temperatures or constant exposure to harsh chemicals, ULTEM® is powerful enough to always withstand and last.  

The NASA Langley Research Center has even done a complete evaluation of polyetherimide and what they observed when manufacturing with the material.

The Benefits of ULTEM® Plastic

The ULTEM® material offers several impressive benefits and as a result is often used in aerospace technologies, automotive machines, medical components and military applications. 

Light-Weight and Flexible

Weighing in at just 1/3 of the weight of traditional plastic and metal frame glasses, Visual Assistant glasses rank as one of the most light-weight glasses.  Its ULTEM® material frame is able to be comfortably worn for long periods of time and can withstand virtually any physical activity.  

ULTEM® glasses, which can also be referred to as PVC glasses or PEI glasses, are more flexible than metal frame glasses or traditional plastic frame glasses.

Visual Assistant glasses weight only 18,5 grams with a clip-on attached.


Perfect for Sports

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ULTEM® Melting Point

As this polyetherimide material can withstand extreme operating temperatures, it is popular among engineers that seek flexibility and freedom in design.  It maintains strength and remains rigorous throughout continuous operation in temperatures as high as 340° F (171° C). 

Durable Eyeglasses

Visual Assistant is one of the most durable eyeglass frames thanks to its ULTEM® plastic material.  This is especially beneficial to those who take part in sport activities often and allows athletes to stop worrying about the safety of their eye-wear and work out in confidence.

Made with Consideration

ULTEM® Is Eco-Friendly