Low-Light Glasses for Driving

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Low Light Glasses Are a Necessity

With the idea of Visual Assistant being born behind the wheel on the streets of New York City, USA, the necessity of low light vision glasses cannot be more obvious to the Visual Assistant team.

Driving for many hours at a time can be extremely dangerous, especially when driving without enough eye protection.  Whether you're driving through stormy weather or temporarily into a parking garage, glasses for low light conditions can provide essential benefits that improve both your vision and the health of your eyes overall.

How Do Low-Light Glasses Work?

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Refined Field of Vision

This interchangeable lens is equipped with an anti reflective coating, which reduces glare - a common issue for those who drive at night.  Both oncoming headlights and the light emitting from your vehicle can reflect into your field of view, increasing the risk of an accident. 

This is especially great for those seeking low light cycling glasses.  Riding a bike at night time can be just as challenging as driving a car at night and poses extreme danger to those with obstructed night vision. 

Enhanced Contrast

Night vision glasses for driving provide increased contrast and definition, both essential for nighttime driving.  Harmful light emitting from oncoming traffic and LED lights and signs becomes softened, improving the safety when driving at night.

The Best Sunglasses for Low Light

Visual Assistant offers the best low light sunglasses that fit the needs of more than just those who drive at night.  Whether you're in search for fishing glasses, running glasses or just a stylish pair of prescription glasses - Visual Assistant offers a unique and comprehensive solution.

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Adapt Your Vision

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Withstand Bright Lights

Polarized lenses equipped with strong anti glare and UV protection are available in addition to a filter that blocks blue light. Each come in the form of an interchangeable lense and can be purchased individually from each other.

What People Are Saying

I received my pair today and it's everything I expected and more.  It works EXACTLY as described and I can't wait to get the blue light blocking filter.

Nick S

Mine arrived yesterday. I love them. Quality seems great. I bought multiple lenses and like them all. Planning on getting another pair for the car.

Alan W