The Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue light glasses or computer screen glasses are a type of glasses equipped with a blue light filter that blocks or absorbs blue light emitted from digital screens.  Unlike traditional computer glasses used by those with poor eyesight, blue light blocking computer glasses are utilized by those who seek to reduce eye strain caused by continuous exposure to digital screens regardless of vision.

What Is Blue Light?

Blue light, also known as high energy visible (HEV) light, is a type of natural light equipped with short wavelengths that emit high energy.  It can easily penetrate deep into the eye and can cause many unpleasant symptoms for those over-exposed to blue light. 

While it is true that the sun is and always has been the main source of blue light, manmade sources of blue light have dramatically increased with more intense exposure via computers, smartphones and even fluorescent and LED lighting. 

The Dangers of Blue Light

Many have become used to the increasingly and continuous exposure to blue light emitted from virtually every corner, while others try to avoid it and the intense migraines that it can bring.  There are many negative effects of blue light as our eyes are not structured in a way to naturally block blue light out. 

Unlike harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) emitted from our sun, virtually all blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina, where only around 1% of UV rays can pass through.

This type of intense exposure can cause:

Blue Light Filter Glasses Work

As more begin to understand what blue light is and how much they are exposed to, glasses for computer use are becoming increasingly popular throughout every type of demographic.  Blue light blocking filters have always been a must have for those who work full-time with their computer.  Now, more brands are developing blue light blocking glasses for men, women and children alike.

By providing protection in a way like polarized sunglass filters, blue light lens utilizes a special film they’re coated in to target and block blue light both indoors and out.

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With many mainstream eyeglass brands releasing their own type of blue light blocking glasses, the internet is flooded with an overwhelming amount of prescription and non-prescription blue light blocking glasses.  Each frame and package seem to offer the exact same thing – 1 frame equipped with blue light blocking lenses and the option to pay for additional transition lenses. 

The problem with that solution is the limitations – once you choose a transition color it is a commitment. 

Visual Assistant Offers

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Customize Your Vision

Mix and match polarized and non-polarized filters available for the Visual Assistant frame. 

Featuring a stylish unisex frame, choose from diverse filters designed to enhance your vision in low-light, protect your eyes in sunny environments or simply just install your prescription lenses and go about your day.